Making use of modern technology in: Sealants Concrete plasticizers Construction adhesives Grouts and restorative materials

We are trying to provide you with quality products through making use of new technologies.

Reasonable price
Providing you the product at a reasonable price is a goal that we are persistently following
Miscellaneous products
By increasing the variety of products, we have always tried to help you achieve what you want.
Research and Development
By doing more research and making use of gobal sciences, we are persistently trying to increase the quality of our products.
با بهترین برندها و شرکای تجاری کار می کنیم تا یک محصول حرفه ای را در سبد خرید شما قرار بدهیم.
A short review of Barazin Beton Chemistry
The company of Barazin Beton Chemistry was established in September 2008 by making use of the experiences of the group of Brazin Holding during the years of activity in the field of construction industry and also by utilizing the knowledge and skills of experienced experts of this company.
Modern equipment creates quality products.
At Barazin Beton Chemistry, we have always tried to make use of the most recent technologies in the world to offer quality products.
Getting Delegation
In order to expand its activities, the company of Barazin Beton Chemistry grants delegation in all provinces of the country. Dear applicants can apply for exclusive delegation in the province and city where they live by completing the application form and admitting the terms and conditions.

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Hours of love, expertise, experience and innovation have been spent to obtain these figures in Barazin Beton Chemistry.


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The group of various products

In Barazin, it has always been tried to expand the group variety of products based on the existing changes in the world and future needs ahead.

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Our catalog has been recently updated and includes the latest products. Get it.

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As an organized and modern complex, we have always tried to provide the best possible result to the customers through employing the most professional experts and working force as well as the most modern equipment.


Our colleagues with different specialties have gathered in this complex to provide you with a positive and professional result as a product.

Iman Seifikar
Iman Seifikar

Sales Expert

(+98902) 893 0935
Internal: 110

Sara Moghadam
Sara Moghadam

Sales Manager

(+98902) 893 0936
Internal: 111

Vahid Delfani
Vahid Delfani

Technical Expert

(+98902) 459 5195
Internal: 210

Noushin Golshani
Noushin Golshani

Sales Expert

(+98902) 893 0937
Internal: 211

Career Opportunities
Here, at Barazin Beton Chemistry, we always welcome committed, talented and experienced work forces. If you would like to work with us, fill out the employment form so that we can contact you at the proper time.

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